About us

WAKHVA is an interdisciplinary research association with a regional focus on the Horn of Africa. While institutionalized research on ‘the Horn of Africa’ has decreased due to severe financial cuts, WAKHVA aims at consolidating the current state of research on the Horn of Africa, which goes beyond individual research projects.


  • was founded in 1999 in Berlin by Africanist scholars and students from various universities in Germany.
  • has established a thought-provoking exchange on the ‘Horn of Africa’ across academic disciplines.
  • organizes regular meetings for academic discussion, lecture series, conferences and workshops.
  • explicitly encourages both junior scholars and post graduates in Germany and abroad to participate in the debates in person or via various social media. 

WAKHVA contributes to broaden academic attempts to decrease the narrow perceptions of ‘the Horn’ as a violent and fragmented area. Our research focuses on aspects that constitute the area as a dynamic socio-cultural space. This includes the impressive translocal history, deman-ding current developments and future potentialities, without ignoring border conflicts or (civil) wars in or between Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan and South Sudan.

WAKHVA promotes critical evaluation of existing categories such as ‘borders’, ‘conflict’, ‘failed states’, ‘piracy’, ‘development’ that are often mentioned with regard to ‘the Horn’.

WAKHVA facilitates knowledge transfer from and to the Horn of Africa through cooperation with academics and institutions from the region.


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